Surprise or not – birthday parties are special! From the singing of happy birthday and blowing out candles to the all-famous toast -n-roast, lets make it a party! Everyone’s attended a party where the majority of the people were of the non-participatory type: (sitting, sitting, and sitting). Not tonight! Parties are a time for fun and celebration and all should be involved!

Annual company parties are generally designed to reward employees for their year-long services. Over the course of the evening, we greet and mingle with your employees setting the stage for an interactive evening. Background music usually begins during No-Host Cocktails and continues through Dinner. A wireless mic is available for announcements, gift presentations, and awards. Following the formalities, it’s time to party! We’ve developed interactive activities designed to involve those in attendance. We’ll teach those in attendance line dances such as the Electric Slide, Macarena, Hustle, Cha-cha slide or Cupid shuffle.