Invitation Starting Times

When posting the starting time for your ceremony don't state an earlier time to accommodate for the late arrivals. Guests will  generally begin arriving approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the wedding. By posting the earlier start time you'll be penalizing the early arrivals. Late arrivals are always in the minority. … [Read more...]

Questions to ask potential D.J.

1) How many years in business? /Years doing weddings? 2) Do they have a website? (Check it out) 3) Available testimonials? (see 4) References from wedding vendors? 5) Are we able to meet with you in person? … [Read more...]

How valuable are your photos?

When planning weddings most people invest a considerable amount of money into their photos. In order to maximize this investment your D.J/Entertainment must be excellent! If your D.J/Entertainment Company lacks in the ability to smoothly transition and guide your day along your happy smiles might not be so evident. … [Read more...]

Cookie Cutter Weddings

In conversations with D.J./Entertainment companies were you asked what you wanted your wedding to be? Or were you informed as to what they do? Your wedding should be like a movie and should reflect both of your personalities. … [Read more...]

Looking for Entertainment?

Steps to ensure the selection of the right Entertainment 1) Visit website and Facebook page 2) Ask venue about experiences with the company 3) See reviews and testimonials ( 4) Ask your other vendors about the company 5) Most importantly! Meet hem in-person/not online.  … [Read more...]

We just want to get to the dancing!

I've heard this said many times and my response is always the same. In my opinion a great beginning sets up a great ending. Great ceremonies captivate guests and raise their levels of anticipation as the day goes forward. Ceremonies which appear to be out of sync and lacking in coordination will leave guests wondering "what's next"?  … [Read more...]

Meeting with the couple

Our initial meeting with the couple (both) is mandatory! When you customize and personalize weddings you must meet and spend time getting to know the couple. When couples are too busy to meet, I often wonder how important their wedding day is to them. In many cases the Groom doesn't feel it's necessary for him to attend since it's her wedding however with all that's involved he needs to be involved and knowledgeable. In my experiences when I meet with the couple it ensures a wedding with the personalities of the couple visible for all to see.  … [Read more...]

Weddings like movies Pt. 1

The weddings I'm a part of I treat like a movie. The Bride & Groom are the producers and  I assume the role as the Director. From the time guests begin arriving what they hear, see and direction they receive should captivate their attention. Once this is accomplished the anticipation level of the guests is heightened and you've set the stage for a great wedding.  … [Read more...]

Intimate Weddings

     Intimate weddings are not necessarily based on the number of guests in attendance, but more so the design of your ceremony / reception and process used to select your vendors.  Vendor meetings (especially D.J. / Entertainment) are mandatory if intimate is your goal. In order to create ' Intimate' you must understand the term and the couple's personalities.  … [Read more...]

Selecting Your Wedding Entertainment (D.J.)

     It seems as though many couples shopping for their Wedding D.J. / Entertainment use either the  1) Booking online or  2) Call for quote hiring methods.  These methods are definitely time-saving, however the results in many cases are below expectations.  I reiterate that it's imperative that you meet with your Entertainment (D.J.).  Price quotes are useless without knowing exactly what services will be provided, who will be providing the service and if there's chemistry.   … [Read more...]