Other Testimonials

Lisa – Bar Mitzvah
Hey Marquis – thank you so much for William’s awesome DJ action on Saturday night at Innes’ bar mitzvah. He was fantastic, engaging but not pushy, funny, sweet and played a great mix, we really had to drag everyone off the floor at the end, the 3 olds to the grannies all had a great time.

Shirley Moore – Fireside Inn
Marquis, I feel you have added a great deal to our Friday & Saturday Night Entertainment. Our customers are happy with you people – it has increased our business,

Kristin O’Brien – Skewers
Hi Marquis! You know how much we value your relationship with Skewers and all our customers! Thank you for your dedication and allegiance!   

Jim Baumann – Point Restaurant
Marquis, I have heard a few times what a great New Year’s Eve party we had this year.  We ended up having a good turnout, not packed but a good sized fun group. I was a little worried as the night grew nearer, because most of the people I spoke to that were coming were really old like me and I was concerned maybe the hip hop thing might not go over so well but when Will showed up I knew he’d get the music out there that people wanted to hear. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and Happy New Year.


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